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Tire Reviews

Continental ExtremeContact DW Review: Well Rounded Summer Tire

With the Continental ExtremeContact DW tire, you can expect a well-rounded Max Performance summer tire that delivers a quiet, comfortable ride with good grip in both dry and wet conditions. After all, the DW in the name stands for dry and wet! Since the tire doesn’t cater to dry or wet roads specifically, don’t expect it to have the best grip or handling in terms of performance – it is a pretty standard, middle of the road tire for everyday driving. If you’re looking for an overall reliable tire that comes without all the extra bells and whistles, the Continental ExtremeContact DW tire should do the trick.




Continental Extremecontact DW Performance Review

Treadwear and Durability

As these tires are quite soft, they aren’t the most durable and likely won’t last as long as you’d like them to. A neat feature about the Continental ExtremeContact DW is that it has indicators on it that make it clear how quickly the tire is wearing. If it is wearing quickly, you might want to change your driving habits to prolong its treadlife. As the treads starts to fade away, you will notice the “W” in the tire will also fade away, and overtime will become a “D” – indicating that it is time to get new tires!

Dry Performance

Mentioned in the name itself, the Continental ExtremeContact DW is designed to perform well on dry roads. As you can imagine, this high performance summer tire isn’t meant to be driven in snowy or icy conditions, but are designed to deliver adequate dry traction.

Wet Performance

Just like on dry roads, this summer tire also performs well in the rain or on wet roads. The tread design enables for impressive wet traction – in fact, when driven hard, the ExtremeContact DW tires actually provide just about the same traction on dry and wet roads. Hydroplaning resistance is quite good when driving at low speeds and is still reliable at higher speeds.The reason why the wet traction is so good is that the ExtremeContact DW tires have massive circumferential sipes surrounding the tire which are large gaps that channel out the water as your tires hit the road.

It’s no secret that these tires are a solid all-around choice for a high-performing sports coupe or sedan that is used as an everyday vehicle. While the tire doesn’t deliver much above standard, this Max Performance Summer Tire provides a decent amount of grip, even in the rain.

Snow Traction and Braking Performance

As expected, these Summer Performance tires are not to be driven in snow or ice. If you live in a colder climate that experiences intense winter conditions, you will need to swap out the tires.

Comfort & Noise

As an average tire, the Continental ExtremeContact DW doesn’t fail to deliver a quiet and comfortable ride. It is actually quite comparable to a touring tire in terms of comfort. In terms of noise, the tread is okay. It’s definitely not noisy but also isn’t silent. Being such a soft tire that sticks to the road, you have to expect there to be a little bit of noise.

Tire Sizes & Specifications

Tire sizes available


205/50ZR16 87W BSW

205/55ZR16 91W BSW

215/55ZR16 93W BSW

225/50ZR16 92W BSW

225/55ZR16 95W BSW


205/45ZR17 88W BSW

205/50ZR17 93W BSW

215/45ZR17 91W BSW

215/50ZR17 95W BSW

225/45ZR17 91W BSW

225/50ZR17 94W BSW

235/45ZR17 94W BSW

235/50ZR17 96W BSW

245/40ZR17 91W BSW

245/45ZR17 95Y BSW

245/45ZR17 95W BSW

255/40ZR17 94W BSW

255/45ZR17 98W BSW

275/40ZR17 98W BSW

285/40ZR17 100W BSW


215/40ZR18 89Y BSW

225/40ZR18 XL 92Y BSW

225/45ZR18 91Y BSW

235/40ZR18 95Y BSW

235/50ZR18 97Y BSW

245/35ZR18 88Y BSW

245/40ZR18 97Y BSW

245/45ZR18 96Y BSW

255/35ZR18 94Y BSW

255/40ZR18 99Y BSW

255/45ZR18 103Y BSW

265/35ZR18 97Y BSW

265/40ZR18 101Y BSW

275/35ZR18 95Y BSW

285/30ZR18 93Y BSW

285/35ZR18 101Y BSW

285/40ZR18 101Y BSW

295/35ZR18 99Y BSW


225/40ZR19 93Y BSW

235/35ZR19 91Y BSW

245/35ZR19 93Y BSW

245/40ZR19 98Y BSW

245/40ZR19 94Y BSW

245/45ZR19 98Y BSW

255/35ZR19 96Y BSW

255/40ZR19 100Y BSW

265/30ZR19 93Y BSW

265/35ZR19 94Y BSW

275/30ZR19 XL 96Y BSW

275/35ZR19 100Y BSW

275/40ZR19 101Y BSW

285/35ZR19 99Y BSW


245/35ZR20 95Y BSW

245/40ZR20 99Y BSW

255/35ZR20 97Y BSW

265/35ZR20 99Y BSW

275/35ZR20 102Y BSW

295/25ZR20 95Y BSW


245/35R21 XL 96Y BSW

Tire Warranty

Treadlife Warranty: No (Standard with high performance tires)

Uniformity Warranty: One Year or first 2/32″ of tread wear

Workmanship & Materials Warranty: 6 Years – Free replacement first year or 2/32″ of wear, then prorated until 2/32″ remaining depth

Manufacturer’s Road Hazard Warranty: 1 Year / first 2/32″ of wear

Manufacturer Special Warranty: 60 Day Customer Satisfaction Trial

What vehicles will the Continental ExtremeContact DW fit?

Some of the vehicles that the Continental ExtremeContact DW will fit include:

  • Audi A3, A4, A6, TT   
  • BMW 328i, 525i, Z4, 323Ci, X1, 650i, M3   
  • Chevrolet Corvette, Cobalt, Malibu   
  • Ford Mustang, Fusion   
  • Honda Civic Si, Fit Sport, Accord, S2000   
  • Hyundai Sonata, Genesis   
  • Infinity G35   
  • Lexus SC400, SC430, IS F   
  • Mazda6, MX-5, Miata, 3   
  • Mercedes-Benz C230, S65, CLS550   
  • Mini Cooper   
  • Nissan 350Z, Altima, 370Z   
  • Porsche Boxter, 944 S2, Cayman   
  • Subaru Impreza WRX, Legacy, Outback   
  • Toyota Corolla, Celica GT   
  • Volkswagen GTI, R32   
  • Volvo 850, V70 R   
  • And more!


The Continental ExtremeContact DW is a good all around high performance summer tire. When toggling back and forth on the track it did take the tires a moment to catch up, but they did not slip. Traction was good in all conditions we tested. If you are looking for a fun tire to drive and don’t need winter traction the ExtremeContact DW’s are a great choice. Prices start at $95 per tire depending on size, which is a great value for a maximum performance tire.