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Tire Reviews

Continental Procontact Ecoplus Reviews

The Continental Procontact with Ecoplus technology is a top touring all-season tire. Marketed as a fuel-efficient tire, this model works to continually minimize the amount of friction between your wheel and the road below. Like many other tire manufacturers, including Nokian, Continental is demonstrating a renewed commitment to ecological tire design. The low resistance tire not only reduces carbon emissions but also helps you save money on fuel.



Key Features

Continental Procontact Ecoplus Performance Review

Treadwear and Durability

This Continental Ecoplus tire presents an especially interesting tread design. The siping is quite intricate with complex cut variations along the whole surface. Thicker block treads along both shoulders are separated by deep grooves to help stabilize grip and cut into snow. These grooves are angled to improve biting ability and water irrigation. The three central ribs also feature deep grooves in asymmetrical patterns, designed to provide substantial traction no matter which direction you are traveling. Shallower sipes over the whole surface help increase the tire’s surface area and potential grip on the driving surface.

As with many all seasons products, these Continental Ecoplus touring tires do tend to wear quite quickly. However, its unclear if this is a universal issue as some customers report great durability while others see wear after a few thousand miles. This tells us that the tire’s longevity probably depends on the quality of roads in your area.

Dry Performance

The quick steering response, carefully designed grip, and durable design all make this Continental tire a terrific bet for dry roads. The consensus is pretty universal: all those who have tested this model on dry surfaces have come away impressed at its incredible cornering and braking ability.

Wet Performance

As with its performance on dry roads, the Continental Ecoplus tire also demonstrates exceptional capabilities in wet conditions. The strategic siping allows water to rapidly be flushed out from under your car, thereby increasing your contact with the road. This not only increases the steering sensitivity but also dramatically enhances your vehicle’s braking ability. The low resistance model benefits drivers in both wet and dry conditions: just as the design means your car requires less energy to move forwards, it also requires less energy to stop.

Snow Traction and Braking Performance

The one slight downfall of this Continental tire with Ecoplus technology is its limited performance in snow. While its low resistance model works exceptionally well on dry and wet roads, it can limit your vehicle’s hold on snowy roads. That being said, the strategic block tread bites into deep snow while the shallower cuts accumulate snow and use it to adhere to slippery surfaces to provide the best winter driving experience possible.

When considering the Continental Ecoplus’s winter rating, t’s worth keeping in mind that almost every all season tire on the market faces the same scrutiny. More often than not, you will see a tire score extremely well in dry and wet conditions and fall slightly on snowy roads. This is the compromise we must reconcile ourselves with when shopping for all seasons gear.

Comfort & Noise

The Continental Ecoplus offers one of the most comfortable rides of any all-season tire model. The expert design distributes your vehicle’s weight evenly while the low resistance technology ensures smooth movement and ecological fuel consumption. These tires are also relatively quiet and, although they aren’t the quietest tires on the market, you would be hard-pressed to find another model that offers all the benefits of the Continental Ecoplus, as well as a reduced noise level.

Tire specifications & sizes


This Continental model is built for standard passenger vehicles and includes an 80,000 mile warranty. In addition to this warranty, there are separate assurances for uniformity, tread life, and road hazard wear. The tires come in four sizes ranging from 15″ diameter to 18″ diameter.

Tire sizes available


P195/60R-15 88H BLK
P195/65R-15 91H BLK
P205/60R15 91H MBZ B
P205/65R-15 94H BLK


P205/50R16 87H FRD B
P205/55R16 91H BLK
P205/60R16 92V MBZ
P205/60R16 92H MBZ B
215/55R16XL97H SAB B
P215/60R16 95V MBZ
P215/60R16 95H MBZ B
P215/60R16 95H BSW
225/55R16 95H BLK
P225/60R16 98H MBZ B


P205/50R17XL 90H AUD
P215/50R17 91V BLK
P215/55R17 94V AUD
P225/45R17XL 94V SAB
P225/50R17 94V AUD
P225/60R17 98V FRD B
P235/45R17 94H AUD B
P235/45R17XL 94V SAB
P235/55R17 99H AUD B


225/55R18 97H FRD B
P225/60R18 99H FRD B


The Continental Procontact with Ecoplus Technology combines fuel efficiency with impressive all-season performances to produce a terrific touring all-season tire. While the life of the tire may vary depending on where you drive most often and the snow traction may not be as solid as on specially designed winter tires, most customers are more than satisfied with this model. These tires will get you from point A to point B safely and give you a terrific, reactive, and smooth driving experience. Feel good and do good with these environmentally minded wheels.

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