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Tire Reviews

Continental WinterContact SI Tire Review



The Continental WinterContact SI (snow and ice) tire has been developed for the drivers of crossover, coupes, minivans, and sedan vehicles.  They have been designed to operate in slippery winter conditions.  These tires enhance your traction on wet, cold, snow-covered, icy roads. To help offer a significant improvement in grip in their summer tires, this tire uses Continental’s + Silane additives.  These additives will allow the tread compound to stay pliable when the outdoor temperatures drop under 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

This compound is molded into a directional tread design. This special design will blend foul-weather traction with dry road handling.  The Continental WinterContact SI tire review shows that these tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements.  To ensure this, they are branded with the mountain/snowflake symbol on the tire.  This tire has a 3 peak mountain snowflake certification.

Continental originated from Germany and is ranked as fourth world’s largest tires manufacturer to day.  It began manufacturing rubber in 1871 and in 1898 they started to manufacture tires.  They were the first to manufacturer tires with tread patterns for vehicles worldwide in 1904.

Continental WinterContact SI Features

High-density multi-angled zigzag spies

The zigzag pattern spies help with enhancing traction when snow or ice is present.

Tread depth indicator

These tires have the winter tread depth molded into them. This makes it easy to know when about 50% of the tread has been used. You will therefore know exactly when it is time to replace your tires. Once the tread reaches this point, they are no longer suitable for use.

Studless tire design

The absence of studs with these tires means maximum flexibility for excellent overall performance on the road. They continue to function perfectly even when snow is covering both the road and the tires. These tires also contain a MULTICELL compound that enables effective gripping on icy roads.

How do they handle snowy terrain?

The ridged grooves and zigzag sipe pattern that is used for this tire’s tread allows it to establish a firm grip on the road where there is snow and/or ice. It is also highly effective for plain old wet roads and slush.

Tire specifications & sizes


  • Weight—18-27 pounds
  • Tread depth—10/32”
  • Overall diameter—24.4”-27.3”
  • Load index—91-101
  • Speed rating—H-up to 130 mph
  • Sidewall description—black side wall

Tire sizes available

The Continental WinterContact SI tire comes in sizes from 14-15 inches


  • 185/55R15XL
  • 185/65R15XL
  • 195/60R15XL
  • 195/65R15XL


  • 195/55R16XL
  • 205/55R16XL
  • 205/60R16XL
  • 205/65R16XL
  • 215/55R16XL
  • 215/60R16XL
  • 215/65R16XL
  • 215/70R16XL
  • 225/45R16XL


  • 205/50R17XL
  • 215/45R17XL
  • 215/55R17XL
  • 215/60R17XL
  • 225/45R17XL
  • 225/50R17XL
  • 225/55R17XL
  • 225/60R17XL
  • 225/65R17XL
  • 235/45R17XL
  • 235/55R17XL
  • 235/65R17XL


  • 225/40R18XL
  • 225/45R18XL
  • 235/50R18XL
  • 235/55R18XL
  • 235/60R18XL
  • 235/65R18XL
  • 245/40R18XL
  • 245/45R18XL
  • 245/60R18XL
  • 255/55R18XL


  • 235/55R19XL
  • 245/40R19XL
  • 245/45R19XL
  • 245/55R19XL
  • 245/50R19XL
  • 265/50R20XL

Do they have warranty?

The warranty that comes with these tires guarantees uniformity for an entire calendar year. Workmanship and materials are included for up to six years. You can get the tires replaced within the first year. You will receive a prorated amount, which is dependent on the amount of time left within the one year period.

If you are a member of Continental’s Total Confidence Plan, you will automatically receive a 90K mile tread wear guarantee.

Customer reviews

The reviews of this tire from those who actually drive with them on their vehicles are very positive overall. Many people who use these tires speak about their uncanny reliability, as well as their versatility.


Continental WinterContact SI tire review recommends that you only install these tires in sets of four.  The reason is that when you install four tires, it will provide you with the best tire performance and handling characteristics.  As mentioned, it has a 3 peak mountain snowflake certification; in order to get this certification, it has to meet the requirements of the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) and the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA).

The Continental WinterContact SI tire review states that this is a premium winter tire.  It will ensure excellent performance in all types of winter conditions.  If you need high-quality premium winter tires you cannot go wrong buying these tires for your vehicle.

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