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Tire Reviews

Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 Review



The Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 tire is specifically designed to accommodate the winter driving needs of mid to full size sedans. This includes the Dodge Charger, Audis, Camaros, and even BMWs. One of the most unique things about this tire is that it offers equal parts performance and comfort on a consistent basis.

This tire’s skid pad holds 1 g of lateral grip, delivering unprecedented performance in a variety of road conditions. The all-season design makes it appropriate for driving on dry roads as well as light snow. It also offers seven percent more silica in the tread design, which means increased durability and comfort.

The asymmetric tread pattern of this tire offers an impressive amount of traction for save and efficient driving all year round. It also features 3D micro-gauge siping for consistent stability when accelerating, braking, and turning corners.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has earned itself a very solid reputation for producing high quality tires with innovative designs. Founded in 1914, this manufacturer offers tires for cars, SUVs, light trucks, and even commercial vehicles. It is considered to be one of the most reliable tire brands on the market today.

Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 Features

Wear Square visual indicator

As this tire accumulates wear, the square in the middle of the rib takes on five unique shapes. Each of these shapes indicates the overall level of wear on the tire. Once the tire is in need of replacement, an exclamation mark can be seen inside the square.

3D Micro-Gauge sipes technology

This tire’s innovative sipes technology offers stable and reliable handling on both dry and slippery road conditions.

Silica compound

The resin material used to make these tires offers impressive traction when driving on roads that are wet from either rain or light snow.

Drive on all terrains

This tire’s design enables travel on a variety of terrain, including wet and dry pavement. It also has off-road capabilities, which include gravel, rock, dirt, mud, and even sand. This is largely due to the tire’s 3D micro-gauge siping. The superb grip and traction means excellent overall performance on just about any terrain you are likely to encounter.

Tire specifications & sizes


  • Weight—22-35 pounds
  • Tread depth—10, 10.5”
  • Overall diameter—24.88-27.17”
  • Load index—84-107
  • Speed rating—“W” to 168 mph
  • Sidewall description—Black side wall

Tire sizes available


  • 205/55R1691W
  • 215/55R1693W
  • 225/50R1692W
  • 225/55R1695W
  • 245/50R1697W


  • 205/45R1784W
  • 205/50R1793W
  • 215/45R1791W
  • 215/50R1795W
  • 215/55R1798W
  • 225/45R1794W
  • 225/50R1798W
  • 235/45R1794W
  • 235/50R1796W
  • 235/55R1799W
  • 245/40R1791W
  • 245/45R1795W
  • 255/40R1794W
  • 275/40R1798W



  • 215/45R1893W
  • 225/40R1892Y
  • 225/45R1895W
  • 225/50R1895W
  • 235/40R1895W
  • 235/50R1897W
  • 245/40R1897W
  • 245/45R1896Y
  • 245/55R18103W
  • 255/35R1890Y
  • 255/40R1899W
  • 255/45R18103W
  • 275/35R1895W
  • 275/40R1899W


  • 245/40R1994Y
  • 245/45R1998Y
  • 245/50R19105W
  • 255/35R1996W
  • 255/40R19100W
  • 275/35R19100W
  • 275/40R19105W
  • 285/35R1999W
  • 305/30R19102W


  • 245/40R2099Y
  • 245/45R20103Y
  • 255/35R2097Y
  • 255/45R20101W
  • 265/35R2099W
  • 275/35R20102Y
  • 275/40R20106Y305/35R20

How is their warranty?

Cooper tires come with a warranty that includes 45K mile treadwear protection with four tires of the same size. Half mileage protection is offered for the rear tires on staggered fitments.

The uniformity warranty offers free replacement for the first 2/32” of tire wear. After this, they are prorated for the remaining 2/32” of remaining depth. There is an unlimited time warranty of workmanship and materials as well. The manufacturer’s special warranty includes a free 45-day road test.

Overall, the warranty for these tires is very solid to the say the least. The high-performance design of this tire means that you will likely have nothing to worry about regarding the warranty.

Customer reviews

The Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 tire has received high praise from customers for its traction, starting, stopping, and cornering with both wet and dry performance. It also has a high score for steering response, quietness, and overall ride comfort. Even the lowest ratings, which are for heavy snow and performance and hydroplaning resistance, are still fairly good. Most people who have used these tires on their vehicles seem to be very confident in their wet and dry handling capabilities.


The innovative design of the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 tire is impressive on a number of levels. These tires work well for a variety of vehicles, from sporty coupes to minivans. They offer incredible grip and performance for both dry and wet road conditions. While these all-season tires aren’t great for heavy snow, they still offer an amazing amount of versatility. You will also find that this tire’s stability and handling remains solid over a wide range of terrains.