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Tire Reviews

General Altimax Arctic 12 Review



Key Features

The General Altimax Arctic 12 tire was manufactured for the drivers of crossover, coupes, minivans, and sedan vehicles. These tires  were produced to perform well on slippery road conditions. The studded winter snow tire enhance the traction on dry, wet, snow-covered, or icy roads. 

This compound is molded into a  highly directional tread compound. The General Altimax Arctic tire meets the corporation’s harsh snow service requirements. To guarantee this, they are labeled with the mountain/snowflake symbol on the tire. This winter  tire has the  3 peak mountain snowflake certification.

This tire manufacturer is based in Germany and has more than 100 years of experience.  It was founded in 1915 and began expanding in the United States in the 1960s.  In 2000, they opened a new warehouse in Europe to focus on high-quality brands that would allow them to keep producing tires for rough and tough environments. 


Snow, ice, and wet conditions are not an issue with the Altimax Arctic 12 due to the highly directional tread pattern which is an arrow-shaped, rigid central rib.  Steering response can be better with this pattern, as pressure distribution across the footprint will have enhanced wear when a side by side comparison is done between this tire and an older model. 

Tire specifications & sizes


  • Max Load:  1,235 pounds to 2,205 pounds
  • UTQG:  none
  • City of Origin:  Germany
  • Maximum Inflation Pressure:
  • Tread Depth:  12/32 inches 
  • Tire Weight:  16 pounds to 31 pounds

The following cars will be able to use General Altimax Arctic 12 tires.  Some car brands may not be listed. 

  • Acura TSX, ILX, TL, CL
  • Audi A4, TT
  • BMW 320i, 328i, 530i, X1
  • Buick Verano
  • Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu, Cobalt, Cavalier, Impala, Camaro
  • Dodge Intrepid, Neon, Charger, Avenger, Grand Caravan
  • Ford Fusion, Focus, Taurus, Mustang
  • Honda Accord, Fit, Civic, S2000, Insight
  • Hyundai Sonata, Elantra, Accent
  • Infiniti G35, I30
  • Kia Rondo, Spectra, Soul, Forte, Optima
  • Lincoln MKZ
  • Mazda3, Mazda5
  • Mini Cooper
  • Nissan Juke, Cube, Sentra, Altima, Maxima
  • Saab 9-3
  • Subaru Legacy, Impreza, Outback
  • Toyota Camry, Corolla, Avalon, Sienna
  • Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, Passat, Beetle
  • Volvo S80, V70, S60

Tire sizes available

The General Altimax Arctic 12 comes in tire sizes of 14 inches to 19 inches.


  • 175/65R14 86T BLK
  • 175/70R14 88T BLK
  • 185/65R14 90T BLK
  • 185/70R14 92T BLK


  • 175/65R15 88T BLK
  • 185/60R15 88T BLK
  • 185/65R15 92T BLK
  • 195/60R15 92T BLK
  • 195/65R15 95T BLK
  • 205/65R15 99T BLK
  • 205/70R15 100T BLK
  • 215/70R15 103T BLK


  • 205/60R16 96T BLK
  • 215/55R16 97T BLK
  • 215/60R16 99T BLK
  • 215/65R16 102T BLK
  • 215/70R16 104T BLK
  • 225/55R16 99T BLK
  • 225/60R16 102T BLK
  • 225/65R16 104T BLK
  • 225/70R16 107T BLK
  • 235/60R16 104T BLK


  • 205/50R17 93T BLK
  • 215/45R17 91T BLK
  • 215/50R17 95T BLK
  • 215/55R17 98T BLK
  • 215/55R17 98T BLK
  • 215/60R17 100T BLK
  • 225/45R17 94T BLK
  • 225/50R17 98T BLK
  • 225/55R17 101T BLK
  • 225/60R17 103T BLK
  • 225/65R17 106T BLK
  • 235/45R17 97T BLK
  • 235/55R17 103T BLK
  • 235/55R17 103T BLK
  • 235/60R17 106T BLK
  • 235/65R17 108T BLK


  • 225/45R18 95T BLK
  • 225/50R18 99T BLK
  • 225/55R18 102T BLK
  • 225/60R18 104T BLK
  • 235/45R18 98T BLK
  • 235/55R18 104T BLK
  • 235/60R18 107T BLK


  • 225/55R19 103T BLK


There is no warranty for the treads on the General Altimax Arctic 12.  For the first year, or 2/32 inches of wear is provided under the uniformity guarantee.  All materials and workmanship are guaranteed under a 6 year warranty with free replacement for the first year.  Likewise, this goes for the 2/32 inches wear.  Prorated amounts will be given for the remainder of the timespan. 

The Manufacturer Special Warranty is good for 45-Day or the  1st 2/32 inches Customer Satisfaction Trial.  Any repairs will void warranty.  There is also a 30 day customer satisfaction trial in which the purchaser can exchange the tire for another General Tires brand if not completely happy.  

Customer reviews

All in all, customers rave about the General Altimax Arctic 12 tire.  They feel these tires are as good as high end tires but at a fraction of the cost.  Those that use these tires feel confident about using them in harsh winter conditions.  General Tires has even said that the Altimax Arctic 12 has 18% longer treadwear when compared to the old model.  


As per General Tires slogan now, “Anything is Possible”, these tires really do make you feel like any driving condition is possible.  Great for snow and ice, you can feel confident in knowing that these tires can make it safer for you to drive.