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Tire Reviews

Hercules Avalanche RT Review & Buying Guide

The Hercules Avalanche RT is the Hercules’ latest studdable winter tire and the updated version of its predecessor the Avalanche Xtreme. This winter tire is designed for passenger sedans, minivans and crossovers and is built with outstanding technologies including their exclusive Snow Grip Technology.

These tires are the improved version of the Avalanche Xtreme and are available in an outstanding 41 sizes! Ranging from 14 – 18 inches. Hercules tire also offers an excellent Road Hazard Protection warranty with a 30 day “Trust our Ride” satisfaction trial. These winter tires are also branded with the industry three peak mountain snowflake symbol (3PMSF) which means that are very suitable for winter driving.


hercules avalanche rt



Key Features

Snow Grip Technology

Hercules exclusive Snow Grip Technology is loaded with features to help the driver withstand extreme winter driving conditions.

Triple Polymer Cold Weather Compound

A triple polymer, cold weather compound helps enhances overall traction, steering, and handling in extreme winter conditions.

Saw Tooth Tread Design

This winter tire features a saw tooth-shaped snow-grabber groover that clutches snow in its tread to help improve its snow to snow traction.

Studdable Winter Tire

The Avalanche RT is a studdable winter tire, it doesn’t come with studs installed but it is an option if you are facing extreme snow and ice conditions.

Hercules Avalanche RT Performance Review

Company Statement

“When we initially previewed the Avalanche RT at our product evaluation event earlier this year at the ICAR tire test facility in Mirabel Canada, it received rave reviews from our dealers in attendance,” said Steven Liu, senior director proprietary brands.

“Even our own internal testing showed the Avalanche RT stopped 10 feet shorter in snow and 7 feet shorter on ice compared to its predecessor so we’re extremely confident in its performance.”

Dry Performance

Since the Avalanche RT tires are winter tires & specifically designed for performance in the snow, it is not recommended to use these tires in the summer. Due to the prominent tread pattern and materials designed for soft, snowy conditions, driving these tires on dry pavement can severely reduce their tread life.

Snow Traction and Braking Performance

The Hercules Avalanche RT is a specialty winter tire with extreme cold-weather capabilities designed for passenger sedans, minivans, and crossovers. This tire comes with a studdable pattern and is equipped with a loaded roster of features including their exclusive Snow Grip Technology, saw tooth tread design which helps improve snow to snow traction, a triple polymer compound that enhances steering, handling, and traction in extreme winter conditions, thin gauge sipes that provide increased flexibility and control, and biting edges that bite into the snow for exceptional control. The Avalanche RT is designed specifically to provide premium performance in snow, awarded with a three peak mountain snowflake – this tire is prepared to handle extreme winter conditions. This Hercules tire comes with a distinctive saw tooth shaped snow grabber tread pattern that grabs the snow and keeps it inside the grooves for superior snow on snow traction. The pattern on this winter tire is a multi-pitched, directional tread pattern with 65% more sipes than its predecessor (Avalanche X-Treme).

Performance tests showed that these tires stopped 10 feet short than its predecessor on the snow surfaces and 7 inches shorter on ice. This shows the significant advanced in technology Hercules brought to the table and is showcased by favourable dealer & customer reviews.

Comfort & Noise

Due to the triple polymer compound and stiffer ribs, these tires are known to be loud and the ride quality tends to suffer.

Tire Warranty

These tires come with a 45 day customer trial satisfaction guarantee, so if the tire doesn’t fit your needs you can exchange these for another Hercules model. These tires are also covered by their road hazard protection guarantee which provides free replacement for up to two years or the first 50% of tread life.

About Hercules Brand

Founded in 1952, the Hercules Tire and Rubber Company is currently owned by American Tire Distributors, Inc. They are most known for manufacturing affordable OEM replacement tires, truck, SUV and winter tires. They’ve been around for over 60 years so you can trust their technologies when you buy tires for your vehicle.

Hercules delivers a special combination of progressive expertise and trustworthiness by giving their customers industry standard performance tires that are both durable and affordable. They also have a wide selection of tires, so you’ll be able to find any kind of tire for your vehicle.

Tire Sizes & Specifications


175/65R14 SL BW, 175/70R14 SL BW, 185/65R14 SL BW, 195/70R14 SL BW


175/65R15 SL BW, 185/60R15 XL BW, 185/65R15 SL BW, 195/60R15 SL BW, 195/65R15 XL BW, 205/65R15 SL BW, 205/70R15 SL BW, 215/70R15 SL BW, 235/75R15 XL BW


205/55R16 XL BW, 205/60R16 SL BW, 205/65R16 SL BW, 215/55R16 XL BW, 215/60R16 SL BW, 215/65R16 SL BW, 215/70R16 SL BW, 225/60R16 SL BW, 225/65R16 SL BW, 225/70R16 SL BW, 235/60R16 SL BW, 235/65R16 SL BW, 235/70R16


205/50R17 XL BW, 215/45R17 XL BW, 215/50R17 XL BW, 215/55R17 SL BW, 215/60R17 SL BW, 215/65R17 SL BW, 225/45R17 XL BW, 225/50R17 SL BW, 225/55R17 SL BW, 225/60R17 SL BW, 225/65R17 SL BW, 235/45R17 SL BW, 235/55R17 SL BW, 235/60R17 SL BW, 235/65R17


225/45R18 XL BW, 225/55R18 SL BW, 225/60R18 SL BW, 235/50R18 SL BW, 235/55R18 SL BW, 235/60R18 SL BW, 235/65R18 SL BW


If you’re looking for an affordable winter tire for your vehicle that performs well in snow and icy conditions, than look no further! The Hercules Avalanche RT is a great tire with a strong market presence due to its outstanding reviews and plethora of features. These tires come in a ton of different sizes and are compatible with just about any passenger vehicle on the market, including minivans and CUVs!

If you’re looking for a little bit more traction you can install studs on these. You’ll have a set of high performance winter tires that will dominate any winter conditions. For the price, you can’t go wrong with these tires – they come with a great warranty and their company has an excellent reputation. If you want to buy these tires, you can visit your local tire dealer or order online and they’ll be delivered.