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Tire Reviews

Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Review



The Pirelli Winter Ice Zero tire features directional block placement for an incredibly firm grip when traveling on even the slickest of surfaces. It has a very detailed tread design that offers a significant increase in biting edges for excellent grip and traction at all times. The unique placement of the grooves within this tire’s tread makes it resistant to hydroplaning when driving on wet roads.

Those who live in regions where winter driving conditions are often harsh and dangerous will find these tires to be quite impressive. They offer amazing performance on wet and dry surfaces but are specially designed for winter use.

These tires are designed for use with medium-sized cars, SUVs, and premium sedans. They will provide you with a degree of control and handling that you’ve likely never experienced when driving in the winter.

One of the most impressive things about these tires is their sheer versatility. You can expect high-performance results in wet or dry driving conditions. Pirelli is an internationally recognized brand that was founded all the way back in 1872. Today they produce some of the very best tires in the world.

Pirelli Winter Ice Zero Features

Directional tread pattern

This tire’s directional tread pattern enhances its ability to grip slick surfaces to prevent slipping and sliding when driving on snow, slush, or ice.

3D sipe technology

The unique 3D sipe technology these tires use allow for stable performance even when your vehicle reaches higher speeds. This applies to both wet and dry driving conditions.

Multi-link compound

The special compound material that is used in these tires allow them to function properly at a wide range of temperatures.

How do they handle winter terrain?

These Pirelli tires are designed for impressive performance on snow, slush, sludge, and ice during the winter months. They are also designed for driving on dry surfaces as well. The versatility of this tire is just one of the many reasons that it has become such a popular choice in places all over the world.

Tire specifications & sizes


  • Weight—28.6 pounds
  • Tread depth—11/32”
  • Overall diameter—27”.27.9”
  • Load index—103
  • Speed rating—H,T
  • Sidewall description—black sidewall

Tire sizes available

This tire comes in sizes that range from 14” to 20”.


  • 175/65R14(82T)


  • 175/65R15(84T)
  • 185/60R15(88T)
  • 185/65R15(92T)
  • 195/65R15(95T)


  • 215/70R16(100T)
  • 215/65R16(102T)
  • 205/60R16(96T)
  • 215/60R16(99H)
  • 205/55R16(94T)
  • 215/55R16(97T)
  • 205/55R16(91T)


  • 225/65R17(106T)
  • 235/65R17(108H)
  • 215/60R17(100T)
  • 225/60R17(103H)
  • 215/55R17(98H)
  • 205/50R17(93T)
  • 215/50R17(95H)
  • 225/50R17(98H)
  • 225/45R17(94H)
  • 225/50R17(98T)
  • 235/60R17(106H)
  • 235/55R17(103T)
  • 215/65R17(103T)
  • 225/55R17(101H)


  • 235/60R18(107H)
  • 245/40R18(97H)
  • 225/45R18(95H)
  • 235/45R18(98H)
  • 245/60R18(105T)
  • 235/65R18(110T)
  • 245/45R18(100H)
  • 225/60R18(104T)
  • 235/55R18(104T)
  • 255/55R18(109H)


  • 225/45R19(96H)
  • 235/40R19(96H)
  • 255/55R19(111H)
  • 245/45R19(102H)
  • 235/55R19(105H)


  • 255/45R20(105H)
  • 255/50R20(109H)
  • 235/55R20(102T)


Pirelli offers a warranty period of one year from the initial date of purchase. You can take advantage of this warranty if the tire cannot be serviced due to “material or workmanship anomalies”.

Customer reviews

You’ll find that the customer reviews for the Winter Ice Zero tire are overwhelmingly positive. Most people compliment this tire for being very responsive and comfortable on both wet and dry roads. There are also quite a few reviews that comment on just how quiet these tires are, especially compared to other models on the market.

The smooth overall ride that these tires provide customers truly shows through in the reviews. Even those who live in areas like Canada that receive heavy snowfall and lots of ice have high praise for these tires. They seem to be a favorite among people who need serious winter tires.


The Pirelli Winter Ice Zero tire is an undeniably rugged and reliable choice for those who need solid winter tires. These tires are known for their high-performance design, which includes incredible gripping and traction on both wet and dry roads. They are very quiet and offer an amazing overall value that you should seriously consider taking advantage of. If you need tires that can handle harsh winter driving conditions, this is a superb overall choice. This tire offers an impressive degree of stability under a variety of conditions and speeds on the road. The fact is that you won’t find many other tires that have such a versatile design.

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