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Tire Reviews

Starfire Tires Review & Buying Guide

Starfire tire is a subsidiary of Cooper Tires. Starfire Tires was established as a brand by Cooper Tires, to produce affordable tires without compromising the level of performance, and the exceptional quality.

Starfire tires manufacture a reasonably priced set of tires that gives an excellent performance, and suitable for passenger, crossover, trucks, and SUVs. The Starfire brand is famous for producing quality tires that provide good mileage and boost performance without being expensive. The brand matches the quality of premium brands without raising the price.

Starfire Tires are manufactured in the United States of America; this allows for extensive testing on the country roads, producing tires optimized to perform flawlessly for locals.

This piece is a guide to help you choose the best Starfire Tire for your vehicle. We have reviewed the best Starfire Tires and collected customer reviews. We have also given you reasons to select Starfire Tires.

We hope you find all the information you need in this guide.

Why should you buy Starfire tires?

Opting for Starfire Tires means you have decided to go for the right balance of performance and affordability. The extensive testing carried out on local roads means you are getting a suitable brand for North American roads.

Stringent Testing

What makes up a quality tire is the combination of excellent technological decisions, superb craftsmanship, and most essentially, stringent testing. When a tire brand puts all these in mind, they will birth a high-quality tire.

Starfire Tires know this, and that is why they carry out rigorous testing for their tires. Each design undergoes testing under harsh conditions that will put them head to head against the best tires, and have them come out on top.

Starfire Tire’s testing of wet braking and handling and dry braking and handling, have recorded shockingly good results. In terms of wet braking, Starfire tires surpassed premium tires like Bridgestone.


Buyers are concerned about the pricing of your tire, no matter how good it turns out. The best performing tire brands have found a way to balance performance and pricing.

Starfire has found a way to balance the best quality of performance and build, with the best pricing. For about $400, you could get a complete set of tires for a sedan.

If you are working within a budget or want to save money while having the best quality, you should consider the Starfire brand.

Excellent Handling

Starfire has surpassed its competitors in tests like braking ability and overall handling. The fantastic thing about this feat is how they have done this without compromising on design features.

Starfire has opted for asymmetric tread patterns that have longitudinal grooves and more significant contact patches to increase the handling. These technologies all come together to produce crisp handling, offer high-speed stability, and resist hydroplaning.

Best Selling Starfire Tires

Starfire RSC 2.0

starfire rsc 2.0

Performance Ratings

The Starfire RS-C 2.0 Tire is designed to cater to drivers of minivans, sedans, couples who are looking for affordable tires and dependable performance all year-round. This tire is suitable for all seasons and budget-friendly.

The Starfire RS-C 2.0 Tire has an excellent grip when moving on dry roads due to its tread compound designed to offer increased handling and traction across all seasons. It also boosts the tread life. The continuous centre rib enhances the handling stability, and the on-centre feel is excellent for such an affordable tire.

Hydroplaning risk is reduced in the starfire rs c 2 tire by the four circumferential grooves around the tread that direct water away. The brand also did well by incorporating a variable pitch tread that is computer-optimized; this feature reduces road noise and allows a quiet and smooth ride when on the highway.

The Starfire RS-C 2.0 Tire’s durability and strength are increased by the pair of steel belts that are overlapped by spiral nylon inside the tread. Like every other Starfire tire, the Starfire RS-C 2.0 has a 400 UTQG rating, and you can find it in sizes ranging from 14 to 16 inches.

What We Like

Starfire SF340

starfire sf340

Performance Ratings

The Starfire SF340 Tire is an affordable tire made for all forms of sedans, coupes, light trucks, and smaller SUVs. The Starfire SF340 Tire’s computer designed tread pattern offers excellent traction for all seasons, and excellent handling while delivering a tread life that will last for long.

The Starfire SF340 Tire increases dry traction through its more in-depth lateral shoulder slots, and it uses its firm centre rib to enhance steering response and improve on-centre feel while on the city highway at a high speed notwithstanding the weather condition.

The Starfire SF340’s circumferential grooves and the angled sipes around the tread help increase its traction on wet pavement. These features work together to drive water away and drop the risk of hydroplaning.

Starfire addressed the ride comfort by designing a variable pitch tread to reduce the road noise and provide more comfort. This feature delivers on its promise for the most part, although there might be a little noise as the tire begins to wear down.

The durability and strength are addressed by the two steel belts placed inside the tread. Like every tire, the Starfire SF340 Tire has a 440 UTQG rating, and it has a limited tread warranty. The Starfire SF340 Tire comes in different sizes from 13 to 17 inches, and they have speed ratings of S and T.

What We Like

Starfire SF-510


Performance Ratings

The Starfire SF-510 Tire is made for use on the highway across all seasons. Crossovers, SUVs, and light pickups can use the Starfire SF-510 Tire. Like most Starfire tires, it is budget-friendly, and it is made to deliver a smooth ride, dependable performance, and long-lasting tread life.

The Starfire SF-510 Tire is majorly a highway tire and is not great for off-road driving. It has a tread compound built for all seasons, and the asymmetric pattern is rated M+S, which means it has excellent traction to drive through roads all year-round, and in different weather conditions.

The Starfire SF-510 Tire has a semi-solid centre rib that boosts steering response while delivering a better on-centre feel at high-speed rates. The Starfire SF-510’s four bigger circumferential grooves and the multiple sipes added around the tread help increase its traction on wet pavement. The additional sipes help improve the Starfire SF-510’s traction on slush and snow and icy surfaces and roads.

The unnecessary road noise that comes with tires when on the highway is eliminated in the Starfire SF-510 through a variable pitch tread that is computer-designed. Starfire improved the durability and strength in the Starfire SF-510 by putting dual steel belts inside the tread.

You can get the Starfire SF-510 in a range of sizes from 15 to 17 inches, and it has a limited tread warranty.

What We Like

Starfire Customer Reviews

Positive Starfire Tire Reviews

[Starfire RSC 2.0]

I just put a set of four of these rs c 2 0 great tires on my 2006 Toyota Avalon to replace four BF Goodrich tires that were far from worn out but were just too unbearably loud and rough to continue driving on, and the results were terrific. As soon as I drove on them, it was like driving a brand new car. The ride is smooth, they handle and brake very well, and they are super quiet. I was going to sell the car, but now I think I will keep it another 40 or 50K. Simply put, this was a significant investment, especially at literally half the price I paid per tire for the BF Goodrich tires that I replaced.

[Starfire SF340]

I bought the tires for my husband's 2001 Toyota Tacoma. He has had them on the truck for 5,000. He states that the tires are performing as expected. He rotates and balances his tires every 5,000 miles. He said he gets at least 80,000 miles out of every set of tires with proper rotation and balance.

Negative Starfire Tire Reviews

[Starfire SF340]

I purchased two of these tires for the front of my S10, 2wd pickup. The tread pattern is good. I was a little disappointed in the balancing of the tires, however. These tires I got required a lot of weight to high speed balance them. I checked my car wheels, and they are straight and round, so the problem is with the tires. One tire-wheel combination was so bad that I had to break the beads and turn the tire 180 degrees on the rim to get a balance that was at least acceptable (still required 4.75 ounces of weight) Well, this is unusual as the Starfire is a Cooper Tire brand. I have always had good luck with Cooper tires and was surprised with the initial quality. Please note that my tires were made in Mexico and not the USA as several websites claimed and the place of manufacture may explain the less than stellar quality. Tread wear rating for my tires is 440.


Overall, Starfire Tire is dedicated to providing affordable tires for your vehicle without compromising on quality and your safety. The results recorded from the stringent testing process shows how well Starfire tires perform against its competitors. Starfire tires stand out among its competitors in several ways, but safety is where it blows them away. If you have a family, safety should be your priority, and that is why you should buy Starfire tires for your vehicle.

Starfire Tire Review: FAQs

Where are Starfire Tire made?

Starfire manufactures its tires in the United States of America; this allows for a stringent testing process to be carried out within the local environment even under extreme conditions. It ensures that the tires produced are optimized for use on the highways.

Are Starfire tires good in snow?

Every Starfire tire gives a high level of excitement to performance-minded motorists. And it does it without compromising stability or safety. Be it under the rain, snow, city roads, or highway, you are guaranteed a good performance from Starfire Tire.