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Tire Reviews

Sumitomo Tires Review

Who makes Sumitomo Tires?

Sumitomo tires are a staple in today’s tire market. Their expansive range includes a huge variety of all-seasons and sport performance tires at an extremely competitive price. Indeed, users are consistently surprised by the products’ excellent performance despite their relatively low price point. But who makes Sumitomo tires? It might surprise you that the corporation that owns this brand can be traced back over four hundred years to a former Buddhist monk in Kyoto, Japan.

Around 1615, Masatomo Sumitomo founded a bookshop which morphed into a smelting and copper refining business with the help of Sumitomo’s brother in law. The metalwork helped build the brand name and drew in substantial funds. In the subsequent centuries, new technologies diversifies the company’s interests and many companies grew from the original Kyoto-based business. Today, many companies use the Sumitomo name for its recognition even though they are not technically part of the Group. I

Sumitomo tires are manufactured by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, part of the Sumitomo Group. The Group includes some pretty big names like the Mazda Motor Corporation and the NEC Corporation. Sumitomo tires are manufactured by the Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Born in 1909, the Rubber Industries quickly grew in size, acquiring the Japanese subsidiary of Dunlop Rubber in 1963, which also came with substantial automobile assets. More recently, in 2013, Sumitomo Rubber bought Apollo Tyres which held the rights to the Dunlop tire brand in South Africa. This seriously boosted the company’s global presence. Since pushing their global development through the Dunlop brand, the company has developed a close relationship with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and in 2015, the two partners split ownership of the Dunlop brand.

Since building an international network of tire brands and rubber manufacturing, Sumitomo has become a leader in performance, all-seasons, winter, and specialty tires. These include Falken tires and SRI Sports Limited, and best-selling HTR Z and HTR Enhance lines.

Why choose Sumitomo Tires?

There are many reasons to choose Sumitomo tires and legions of happy customers would tell you so. Here’s a breakdown of what makes these tires so desirable for all drivers, whether you’re sporting a speedy little coupe or a trusty minivan.

Product Range

Sumitomo has an extensive range of tires to offer. Their selection accounts for all kinds of driving priorities. If you’re looking to zip around town with your convertible roof down in the summer months, the HTR Z5 could be your perfect fit. If you’re in need of a sturdy wheel to fit onto your pickup for long stretches of highway year-round, you might fall in love with the Encounter HT model. No matter your driving needs, Sumitomo has taken the time to design the perfect tire to get you from point A to B. Or C. Or Z.


Most of the time, affordability means a compromise on quality. Thankfully, that simply isn’t the case with Sumitomo’s tires. The price range for all the company’s tires is relatively small, which is excellent news for those on a bit of a budget. The most affordable range is the all-seasons passenger tire, which will set you back around $75-$90. The most expensive tires are the high performance, racing, and sports performance sets, which retail for approximately $150. Everything in between will usually sell for about $100. The best news? No matter which set you go for, all of Sumitomo’s models are backed by excellent customer reviews so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

International Reputation

As outlined above, this brand carries serious international recognition. Even though you may not recognize the brand as instantly as, say, Michelin or Goodyear, Sumitomo is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. This means that not only are its products worthy of international success, but the company has the funds. to pioneer new rubber technologies. The Sumitomo Rubber Industries pull in over $46 billion a year, meaning they can afford extensive research, design technology, and testing on every single one of their products to make sure they perform to a superior standard.

Product Quality

Most of Sumitomo’s production occurs in East Asia. This means the company takes advantage of cheap labour costs to produce goods that are of identical quality to the highest caliber tires produced elsewhere while keeping their production costs down. This accounts for the rare combination of affordability and quality found in these tires.

Precision Decision

Sumitomo includes several key features in almost all of their tire models. These include:

  1. 3D Siping: These tires are each laser-engraved with three-dimensional wave patterns. This specially designed tread pattern improves the tire’s braking ability and grip, especially on wet surfaces by up to 25%.
  2. Comfort: Along with the increased grip, Sumitomo’s specialist tread also maximizes your comfort. The grooves in the tires are angled in such a way that they minimize irregular wear as you accumulate mileage. This irregular wear is what causes the uncomfortable vibrations when driving on worn tires. With Sumitomo gear, you can experience optimal comfort, even as your tires erode a little.
  3. Nylon Cap Ply: Along with twin steel belt reinforcements to improve its tire’s longevity, Sumitomo goes the extra mile to prevent punctures and damages. The nylon cap between the steel bands and the rubber increases the tire’s resistance to any sharp, puncture-causing hazards on roads as well as making the wheel more flexible. This helps improve handling, braking, and flexibility in very cold weather.

Best Selling Sumitomo Tires

Sumitomo Ice Edge Studable: Winter Radial Tire

sumitomo ice edge

The Ice Edge tire is studable winter touring tire designed for the most extreme cold weather driving. The intricate 3D siping helps this tire bite into deep snow and provides outstanding grip on precarious surfaces. The option to add metal studs allows you to increase the tire’s stability on icy roads, although you may not find it necessary. The studless base gives you a quiet ride at all speeds, making this tire a dream drive both on highways and in residential neighborhoods.

What We Like

Sumitomo Touring LSH: All-Season Radial Tire

The LSH is a high-performance all-season tire designed for standard passenger vehicles including sedans, minivans, and coupes. The exterior of the tire is designed specially to provide excellent grip on wet, dry, and snowy conditions. The symmetrical tread pattern and thick block tread on the shoulders provide an ideal balance between bite and balance. The tire interior features two steel belts strengthened by Simutomo’s specially formulated Jointless Nylon Band technology to improve stability and durability. Like almost all all-seasons tires, this set struggles to provide good traction in heavy snowfall. So, if you live in an area where you get any more than a light dusting in the winters, you will need a dedicated set of tires with additional grip to cope with deep snow and ice.

What We Like

Sumitomo HTR Z III: Performance Radial Tire

sumitomo htr

As the name suggests, this is the third generation of the HTR Z model, a high-performance summer tire. Designed to provide optimal handling for sports vehicles, these high-performance summer touring tires have consistently garnered approval from its users. The simple and balanced tread pattern provides impeccable stability and excellent grip. The center rib and symmetrical shoulder blocks provide enhanced steering dexterity. The hardened rubber filler on the tire’s sidewall improves grip and braking ability, and the siping effectively irrigates water to prevent hydroplaning. Twin steel belt reinforcements in the tire improve durability and comfort at high speeds.

What We Like


Are Sumitomo tires quiet?

The Sumitomo tire is exceptionally quiet. The company has long made clear its commitment to driver comfort. Every model of Sumitomo tire is designed to provide a smooth, steady ride on a variety of terrain and in a variety of weather. This is important because the noise level of a tire is often linked to its comfort. Uneven tires cause increased vibrations up through the vehicle which makes the ride feel rough (especially for those who suffer from motion sickness!). The vibrations in turn cause increased noise levels as the tire constantly comes in and out of even contact with the road beneath. You can be sure that Sumimoto products will provide excellent comfort and quiet driving — two birds, one tire!

What is the warranty on a Sumitomo tire?

Most of the company’s tires come with a pretty standard industry warranty ranging from 50 000 miles to 65 000 miles. It’s worth remembering that not all the company’s tires come with warranties. The HTR Z line, for example, has no tread wear guarantee. However, just because they don’t come with a warranty does not necessarily mean a red flag. The high-performance compound and reinforced interiors mean that even the HTR Z line has a relatively long lifespan.

What vehicles do Sumitomo tires fit?

These tires are designed to fit a whole range of vehicles including all standard passenger vehicles (sedans, coupes, minivans, etc.) and some models are specifically formulated for the long haul and commercial vehicles (pickup trucks, vans etc.). Simply check online or in-person to make sure your tires are the perfect fit for you. ry warranty ranging from 50 000 miles to 65 000 miles. It’s worth remembering that not all the company’s tires come with warranties. The HTR Z line, for example, has no tread wear guarantee. However, just because they don’t come with a warranty does not necessarily mean a red flag. The high-performance compound and reinforced interiors mean that even the HTR Z line has a relatively long lifespan.

Where can I buy Sumitomo tires?

It’s important to buy your tires from a reputable dealership because they will guarantee quality installation and make sure you get all the applicable guarantees. Contact your local Sumitomo retailer, or order online to receive your products direct to your address or local garage.