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Tire Reviews

Sumitomo Touring LS T Review

Sumitomo Touring LS Tire is built to offer tractions in all seasons, from wet, to dry, and even in the snow. It combines this with the reliable and long-lasting tread life, suitable for cornering and a comfortable ride across different terrains. The Touring LS Tire is a touring all-season tire designed for sedans, crossovers, coupes, and minivans.

The Sumitomo Touring LS Tire, although relatively new, has four circumferential grooves that channel away water in slushed covered and wet road conditions, as it also reduces hydroplaning risk in extreme weather conditions. There are sipes added around the tire that provide biting edges, giving the tire more traction and better handling on snowy terrain.

In the Sumitomo Touring LS Tire interior, which is computer designed; there are two steel belts and the Joint less Nylon Band technology peculiar to Sumitomo, giving the tires more strength and boosting the tread life durability. It also has a polyester cord body that improves the comfort of each ride.

This is one of the few brands you may come to like and find in the automobile market. On the Sumitomo Touring LS Tire (all rights reserved), gives a warranty of up to 65 000 miles tread that has run due test process. The available sizes for this tire range from 13 to 18 inches.

Overall, the Sumitomo Touring LS Tire guarantees good and wet traction as well as a quieter ride across different terrains from wet, dry to snowy roads. The T-speed rated tire provides excellent performance when compared to others in its class. You get good feedback on the steering, and you will enjoy a noiseless and comfortable ride.

Although there might be a little noise on the tire in some cases, it’s not something significant. You are guaranteed an excellent tread life on the Sumitomo Touring LS Tire and the warranty on it is one of the best you will find around. What makes it a great choice is the value and performance compared to other all-season touring tires.


sumitomo touring ls t



Key Features

Great warranty package

The level of warranty you will get when you purchase any Sumitomo tire is way better than most in the tire industry. It is not different from the Touring LST. Sumitomo offers up to 65,000 mile or 6-year tread warranty for T-speed rated tires.

There is also the warranty on quality and materials for six years, including free replacement within the period or until your tire gets to 2/32 inch tread depth. Other mouth-watering packages are highlighted below, as well as a test-drive period.

Handling quality

Sumitomo improved the handling quality in the Touring LST to suit the performance of premium touring vehicles, sedans, crossovers, and SUVs.

Next-generation carbon tread compound

The Touring LST Tire uses a computer-optimized next-generation design to improve the all-year-round traction. It is an asymmetric tread patterned design and an advanced carbon black tread compound that suits all seasons—the shoulder blocks in the tire boost wet or dry cornering traction on every type of terrain.

Performance Review

Treadwear and Durability

Sumitomo included two steel belts and the Joint less Nylon Band technology in the interior of the Touring LST. These features help strengthen the tire and guarantee excellent tread life and durability. There is a warranty on the Touring LST that covers up to 65,000 miles.

Dry Performance

The level of traction that the Touring LS provides in dry conditions is right. The driver will enjoy a relatively comfortable and quiet ride, although its refinement level could be better, as well as the suppleness. It also has a bit more noise that can be detected if you pay attention.

The handling is also at a reasonable level, with excellent steering response. The balance level while turning corners is good enough for a touring tire. You are guaranteed good traction and performance in dry conditions from the Touring LST.

Wet Performance

We have to say that while we think the performance of the Touring LST is decent enough in wet conditions, it could be better. The traction of wet terrains is not at the best tires in the touring tires category.

Also, when it comes to braking performance in wet conditions, the Touring LST takes a bit longer to stop when it was put through tests with others in its category.

Snow Performance

The snow traction of the Sumitomo Touring LST is relatively low, especially when compared to others in its category. When put to the snow test, users have reported its struggles to start, stop, and turn a corner. The snow’s braking performance is also not outstanding, as it takes much longer when compared to its competitors in the snow.

The stringent standards used is because it’s an all-season touring tire. When compared to an average tire, the snow traction is quite decent.


The noise level in the Touring LST could be better; it is quite impressive. The excellent feedback you get from the steering contributes to the superb level of noise you will get from the Touting LST. You are guaranteed to enjoy a quiet and smooth ride with these tires. The little noise is especially significant when you consider that this is an all-season tire.

How is their tire warranty?

Sumitomo offers one of the best warranties in the tire business, which is apparently why people seem to like the product. You will get a 65,000 mile or 6-year tread warranty for T-speed rated tires; to be honest, who wouldn’t like such great customer service? A special service that’s driven to care for your car needs. On the H and V-speed rated versions, you will get an 85,000 mile or 6-year warranty (the efficient drive and speed tire). And you are guaranteed tire uniformity for the initial 1/32 inch of wear.

You will also get a warranty on quality and materials for six years on both the front and back tire, and this includes free replacement within this period or until the period your tire gets to 2/32 inch tread depth.

There is more. You will get a one-year warranty or initial 1/32 inch wear for a road hazard. There is a 2-year roadside plan that also comes with the tire. Finally, you are entitled to a 30-day test drive guarantee after the purchase. All of these amazing customer service makes touring ls t h v one of the best tires in town to give you the ideal touring all season experience

Tire sizes and specifications

The Sumitomo Touring LST Special Tire is available in sizes from 13 to 18 inches. The tire is suitable for the following vehicles:

  •         Buick LeSabre, Century
  •         Chevrolet Cobalt, Cavalier, Monte Carlo, Venture
  •         Chrysler PT Cruiser, Town and Country
  •         Dodge Caravan, Neon, Shadow
  •         Ford Focus, Edge, Taurus, Mustang
  •         Honda Civic, Accord, Odyssey
  •         Hyundai Accent, Elantra
  •         Nissan Altima, Maxima, Quest
  •         Pontiac Grand Am, Sunfire, Vibe, Grand Prix
  •         Saturn L100, SL2, SW1, L200
  •         Toyota Echo, Prius, Sienna, Corolla, Camry, Previa
  •         Volvo S40

Should you buy these tires?

Overall, the Sumitomo Touring LST provides excellent performance according to customer reviews, and it is right on all terrains to shop for when you are on a vehicle hunt during or before winter (the ideal winter vehicle). The tread life is speak and perfect, and the warranties are mouth-watering making it the per buy. The value for money is what makes the Touring LS the right choice. Although there could be a little less noise, it is almost unnoticeable.


Are Sumitomo Touring LST tires noisy?

The noise level of the Touring LST h v is right, but it could be better. You will still enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride in your vehicle for the level of noise it provides. The performance and durability level is the right enough reason to manage this level of noise. However, it is unarguably one of the best tires you will find in the market.

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