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Tire Reviews

Kumho Tires Review & Buyer Guide (2021)


Value is one thing that Kumho knows about! This Korean tire company has very affordable tires, as they understand that not everything in life that is good is expensive. When talking price, you can expect to pay 30 to 40% less than other brands on the market. While they are not the cheapest on the market, you also will not be paying more than you should.

One of the best things about Kumho is that they take an idea that works and improve upon it. These high-quality tires are some of the best around. Kumho tends to be less expensive than many other brands on the market. This is especially the case with passenger cars.


Kumho offers amazing durability when it comes to their competition. They find that if they look at all the kinds of driving there is, from snow to wet driving conditions, you may need a different type of tire. This brand tests all of their tires to see how they do overall in not only city and highway driving, but also for safe driving and intense competition driving. This allows the company to get an idea about the tread of the tire.

As if durability was not enough, these tires have a warranty that covers you. This Korean tire company knows how important it is to stay on the road. They truly want your car to be covered so you can stay on the road longer.

Performance and Packages

The performance of Kumho tires is overall great. Noise, comfort, and safety all were rated on the high end on various tire reviews. With a tire that uses a proven design for not only your car but also trucks and SUVs, they come with the best tread design. This will allow a safer ride with great stopping capabilities. The tire will also have a firm grip and traction on the road. Reviews have stated that even on the bumpiest roads, the ride was smooth when these tires were used on their vehicle.


Every company should have a warranty to ensure that their products are the best they can be. Every Kumho tire comes with a warranty. In quite a few cases, the warranty will last a lifetime for the tire. But this may depend upon the type of Kumho tire you have purchased. If you have any questions about your Kumho tires, you should contact customer service. You may also look for the follow us buttons on social media pages to have any Kumho questions answered.

On average, the warranty for most Kumho tires will be between 45,000 and 55, 000 miles. While this is pretty standard with other well-known brands, Kumho tires go above and beyond. They have one line of tires that has an 85, 000-mile warranty.

Replacement tires qualifying under a warranty will need to be made by a participating Kumho dealer or a participating car dealership. It will be the owner’s obligation to conform to all pertaining policies detailed within the warranty. The owner will need to present the tire to any authorized Kumho dealer or a participating car dealer along with proof indicating they are the original vehicle owner. The respective dealer will inspect the tire in order to identify whether or not it qualifies for the warranty based on the policies detailed within the warranty. All rights reserved.

To find an authorized Kumho dealer, go to the website or call 1-800-HI-KUMHO (445-8646).


Kumho tires understand that not everyone drives the same type of vehicle. Those that drive a light truck will need a different type of tire than a heavy-duty vehicle. Therefore, this company has developed several kinds of tires.

There are winter tires, summer tires, high performance all season tires, off-road tires, and all-season tires, just to name a few. Every single one of these tires comes in various sizes for SUVs, passenger cars, light trucks, and more. Generally, they measure between 14 and 30 inches, so you can be sure to find a tire for all your needs.

Kumho Tires Features

3D Imaging

Kumho’s 3D imaging is what sets it apart from other companies. This is a somewhat new technology in which the company uses this imaging to test the tires before they are placed on any vehicle. All tests done ensure that safety, handling, and durability are addressed. In order to make sure that every vehicle tire is up to code, this process is overseen in the United States.

ESCOT Tension Control Technology

ESCOT Tension Control Technology is used in Kumho tires passenger tires to improve their overall grip. A coating holds the sidewalls, treads, and edges together firmly in this new technology that has been around for about 10 years. The Kumho tire will last longer as all the parts will be used harmoniously to provide extra durability.


The Kumho tire company developed microtreads to have the tires wheels stick to the road. Several hundred biting edges stick to the road to assist in handling the vehicle. This unique design is the best for keeping your car on the road, as most other car and truck tires only have a few of the biting edges.

In one review, a consumer said the microtreads were a great feature as it made the handling of the car better. They were satisfied with how well this feature performed on snowy roads.

Silica Tread Compound

Harshe elements can really harm a vehicle’s tire. But with the silica tread compound, the tire is sealed using rubber, silica, and rapeseed oil. This compound will make the tire stronger, which will assist it in being able to navigate through winter weather, water, and dirt.

If you prefer to have a tire that lasts a long time, consider one that has the silica tread compound. In reviews, it has been noted that tires that have the best silica enhanced tires can take more of a beating on the road. This is why the company can offer warranties of 55, 000 miles!

Deep Sipes

Deep sipes are definitely one thing you want on any vehicle! With these, you can get water and other hazards to be scattered evenly across the road. This will assist you in hydroplaning or losing control. And if you should start to lose control, the deep sipes will get you back on the road so an accident does not occur.

Kumho Truck Tires

Kumho truck tires have devoted a tire for light trucks and SUVs. The Kuhmo Road Venturer, this tire has three models – the AT51, MT51, and MT KL71.

In a Kumho tires review, customers stated they were especially satisfied with the special casing that is used to decrease the load on the sidewall. This also makes it more flexible than many other brands of truck tires. These tires allowed for a ride that was more comfortable and very smooth. The Kumho tire brand is well known for its intriguing tread pattern, which allows comfort and the best performance in almost all weather conditions.

Winter weather may be a time when Kumho truck tires are not at their best. A Kumho tires review states that slick and icy roads were much harder to drive on than any other type of weather.

kumho road venture mt71 on red jeep
Kumho Road Venture MT71 Off-road Tires

Kumho Winter Tires

Kumho winter tires can help you learn how to drive properly on snowy roads and even slick or icy highways. In reviews, these tires rated high for being one of the best winter tires at an excellent price. This brand even does well in slushy weather!

The Kumho brand manufactures three different winter tires. The Kumho Wintercraft tires provide amazing control while giving comfort to the driver. These tires work exceptional on ice, slush, and snow that has been packed on. Directional treads will help in icy weather, with amazing braking, handling, and starting. In this tire, Kumbo offers studs, which will assist in gripping the road adequately. These tires offer amazing handling on slick roads and even have high responsiveness to cornering.

Another type of Kumho tires is the I’zen tires. These tires are perfect for those that live in winter conditions that are not extremely bad. Not only do they have a dual tread design, but they also feature the directional treads in the center. This will allow for fast braking, even though they are a cheaper winter tire on the market. The handling is good even at higher speeds. With that being said, they are also one of the most reliable winter tires produced at the moment.

Kumho All-Season Tires

Kumho has two different kinds of all-season tires: The Kumho Solus and the Kumho Ecsta. Both the Solus and the Ecsta handle well on wet or dry roads, as well as low or high temps.

The Solus is a very popular tire manufactured by Kumho. There are seven models (KH16, KH25, TA11, TA31, and TA71)of these tires. Even though they are made for every month, the Solus tires are not meant for extreme temperatures. However, these Solus tires are perfect for snowy roads as the traction provided will keep the tire on the road.

The Solus does great on wet and slick roads, stopping very quickly. With four deep grooves and a grid pattern on the tires, Kumho says that the tire life has been expanded. They also perform well on dry roads, in fact, even better than on wet roads. Perhaps this is because Kumho has constructed them to be highly responsive to braking and cornering. The Solus offers steadiness on light snow and very easy to drive. Solus owners have been very pleased with the 85, 000-mile tread warranty.

The Ecsta are comparable to the Kumho Solus tires but seem to do extremely well in dry conditions. While you may drive the Ecsta in wet or snowy conditions, you may be more satisfied by purchasing the Solus for those conditions.

The Ecsta is extremely stable when it comes to higher temperatures. When using high speeds or cornering, Ecsta tires are an excellent choice. It comes with a 40, 000-mile tread warranty.

Highest Rated Kumho Tires

Road Venture AT51, All-Season Radial Tire

Best All-Season Winter Performance

World-class traction is provided by the Kumho Road Venture AT51. This All-season radial tire works amazingly well in deep snow, yet can switch gears to drive on muddy work sites. With exceptional efficiency, these tires have a balanced on/off-road performance.

These ultra-high-performance tires are a light truck tire that works well for pickup trucks, jeeps, or SUVs. A dual-silicone tread compound is molded into a tread, which assists in expelling stones. The zig-zag center blocks produce a contact area that is stable for both wet braking and dry handling.

The price on these quality tires decent. With an effective design, overall we are impressed with how great these tires handle in various weather conditions. They do great in both light snow traction, deep snow traction, and ice traction. They have high performance on dry traction, steering response, and cornering stability when conditions are dry.

As far as off-road performance, this brand of tire does good in dirt, rock, sand, and mud. We find that noise and ride quality are excellent.

What We Like

kumho road venture at51


Size: 265/65R18

Section Width: 265 Millimeters

Rim Width: 8.5 Inches

Speed Rating: T

Tire Aspect Ratio: 65

Load capacity: 2601 Pounds

Dimensions: 31.50 x 31.50 x 11.50 inches

Uniform Tire Quality Grade Rating: 540AA

CRUGEN Premium KL33, All-Season, Radial Tire

Best Traction

The CRUGEN Premium KL33 tires were manufactured with an all-season compound for enhanced traction, tire life, and decreased rolling resistance. In tire reviews, they were given a good rating on hydroplaning resistance and wet traction. For dry performance, most review these tires as good performance for cornering stability, steering response, and dry traction. A fair review was given for snow and winter performance for both light and deep snow traction and ice traction. As far as comfort performance, a good rating was given for ride quality and noise.

These Kumho tires were for original equipment use on Hyundai Santa Fe crossover vehicles, but have since been used on SUVs, light trucks, and crossovers. These low profile tires can successfully handle everyday activities with all-season versatility.

What We Like

kumho krugen kl33


Size: 225/60R17

Section Width: 225 Millimeters

Rim Width: 6.5 Inches

Load capacity: 1709 Pounds

Tire Aspect Ratio: 60

Dimensions: 27.60 x 27.60 x 9.00 inches

Uniform Tire Quality Grade Rating: 440AA

ECSTA PS31, Ultra-High-Performance Summer Tire

Best Summer Tire

This Kumho tire contains a molded substance formed into a directional tread pattern with a solid center rib for increased high-speed security. The 3D Dimple Design heat dimples help reduce heat buildup in the tread blocks, improving the stability for diminished wear.

In a review, a good rating was given for wet performance for both wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. Cornering stability, dry traction, and steering traction were rated as good on this tire. Comfort performance was good on this tire with ride quality and noise.

As this is a summer tire,  the Ecsta PS31 isn’t meant to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow, or on ice.

What We Like


Size: 225/45ZR17

Speed Rating: W

Section Width: 225 Millimeters

Load capacity: 1477 Pounds

Tread Depth: 10 32nds

Construction: Radial

Kumho Tires FAQs

Are Kumho tires of good quality?

Yes, Kumho tires are of very good quality. These are some of the best tires on the market as they come from a company that knows their stuff about tires and does countless hours of research when developing them. They utilize new tire technology with exceptional price tags. In fact, this Korean company is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for some of the biggest auto companies, including Ford, BMW, and Mercedez-Benz to name a few. With a wide variety of tire types, you will be able to discover one that suits your needs.

Kuhmo tires are known to be affordable, easy to handle, comfortable, durable, and stable. The company stays on top by being innovative while constantly improving upon their products.

The company does a really fine job of estimating how long the tires will last. They are able to do this by looking at city driving statistics.

Who are Kumho tires made by?

Kumho tires are made by a Southern Korean company that was founded in 1960. They have eight plants in South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the United States, with the headquarters in Atlanta. This company is one of the largest tire manufacturing companies in the world. The company does extensive research with three research centers located in Soth Korea, the United States, and England. Kumho spends an excessive amount of money on this research to ensure the public has high-quality tires. This company knows technology and exceptional design will go quite far when it comes to tires.

Kumho has an innovative strategy in how they develop their products. They have expanded the market and made much progress while providing an exceptional driving experience for their customers.

Kumho tires come in a wide variety, so more than likely, you will discover something that works for your car, truck, or SUV. The company’s tag line, Better All-ways, fits it perfectly as there is something for everyone.

Are Kumho tires better than Goodyear?

When Goodyear tire reviews and Kumho tire reviews were taken into consideration, it appears that Kumho tires may be the better tire. This tire brand seems to have a greater value for the money when durability, warranty, and other conditions were taken into consideration.

Which tire is better Hankook or Kumho?

Each of these tires is a great brand, so it will be based on what conditions you are driving on. Both are priced well and will get you going where you need to be. Each has a design that one may like, so you will have to base your decision on personal needs.